• Online / Offline Project Manager

Brand identity, design and web positioning projects

I support professionals, agencies and companies to correctly communicate their own value,
increase sales and visibility. I’ve been occupying 10 years of advertising offline and online
with the support of other specialized professionals.
If you’re looking for a real high quality project
for your business care, you’ve found the right professional.

Who am I

Hello! I’m Chiara,

I’m an online / offline advertising project manager (beyond graphic and web designer) working from Barcelona on international projects in remote (with Skype meetings, time savings and a proven digital proximity).
I’m higly passionated about my job, so I’m very committed in the decisions we take, that’s why I always like to be clear and trasparent with my clients. Let me be your guide, your companion, so I can support you and together follow your project without worrying about the management or the outcome.

What can do together

Choose which services:
– Brand Design
– Web Design & Positioning

… and which pack:
– Starting
– Customing
are you interested to:

Brand Design / Brand Identity / Corporate Image and notoriety

It is the perfect service for those who need to create or renew their brand image with quality and efficiency,
so that their customers recognize and distinguish them from the competition.
Here you have my basic pack for brand design, with all elements included.
Have a look!

Starting Brand Design Pack


– brief definition
– mood presentation

– 3 logo version
– 3 modification phases

– definitive logo version delivered in all web and printed use formats
– corporate manual for online /offline use
– 10 FB corporate images (2 profile / 2 landscape / 6 posts images)

10 workly days (2 project weeks)
from 600€ + IVA

Custom Brand Design Needs

If you want not only a brand design, but also a corporate identity or some other corporate advertising product, please contact me throughout my brand form to tell me about your needs.

I always follow few projects at a time in a way to stay totally inside them.

Web Layout Design / Corporate Design / Ecommerce Design

It is the perfect service for those who want to create or renew a full quality website or ecommerce with a strategic project, in all security and legalcy.
This project allow you to push forward your online business.Here you have my basic pack for a corporate web design, if you want an other kind of web project, please contact me through my web form. Have a look!

Corporate Web Positioning Pack


– usability plan
– home page layout
– timing

– user-friendly quality design (that means an online rebranding)
– 8/10 pages design
– icons set (social and corporate)
– 8/10 images or video slider
+ 8/10 secundary images

– customized css adjustments
– mobile responsive version
– basic SEO
– testing

* customers already have an hosting
and a first written version of pages contents

20 workly days (3 project weeks)
from 1000€ + IVA

Custom Web Positioning Projects

If you want a bigger or different web positioning project or customization, please contact me throughout my specific web form.

I always follow few projects at a time in a way to stay totally inside them.

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